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So maybe someone out there in the vastness of the internets was wondering where I disappeared to? I haven't given up on comics (especially so suddenly). Unfortunately, at the moment I am without job and have been filling my time regrouping and searching endlessly.

I'll be back in about a week or so, and *fingers crossed* I'd like to have my own url by then, but we'll see. I will be going in a different direction with MNIT, as journal comics are all fine and dandy, but my head is overflowing with some story ideas. I believe it'll all work out for the best.

I am on Twitter a lot, so you can check for updates there. Also, there will be this immense sketchbook spam on my Tumblr too, just to keep something going.

Until next time~

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So I changed the layout (mainly because I was hungry), and am (unfortunately) still playing around digitally with comics. Thankfully though, some situations right now have started to sort themselves out, so things should be running a bit more smoothly from now on.

In other news, I have a sort of sketchblog. I post up random doodles, maybe some unfinished comics, and things tumblr-cool (whatever that means).

I might be attending KingCon 2010 in Brooklyn this year. I wanted to get a table but it's a bit too last minute. It's their second running and it seems really cool!

Well, next week! :D

I'm really not that happy with this, but not because I'm trying to be all self conscious. I'm just kind of upset right now over things and can't focus. I had actually drawn a comic about the meeting with KC Green but was getting too frustrated at everything to even want to like it.

But whatever. COMIC CON WAS AWESOME. This was my first one and even though I was primarily by myself the entire day, it was sooooo much fun.

And the highlight of the day? Getting to meet Mr. Green. (Sounding pretty fangirly? I've been holding it in all day. But I'll stop.) There were a few other people I wanted to meet but they weren't there at the time. I did see Seth Green checking booths out though. He's my height @_@.

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Here's the first comic for My Name is Thrila!!! I'm just happy I made it on time. My family and I just moved yesterday and I've been so tired since. I've got a few moving stories to illustrate, but I'll make it all one give post instead of boring you guys with the past.

Also, tomorrow's 24 hour comics day! I was thinking of doing it, and my boyfriend thinks I should too. I'm going to try, worst comes to worst I will do my own little 24 hour comic on Sunday. Maybe I'll post it.

Come back on Monday! There's be a comic here then!



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